Collegiate Church St. Servatius and Castle Museum

It´s part of the Romanesque Road and it´s the town’s landmark: Collegiate Church St. Servatius on castle hill. With its Romanesque style it stands for the over thousand-year-old history of the city. The church was adepted in the year 1021 in presence of the roman-german emperor Henry II. His great-grandfather King Henry I. is buried here. The wife of Henry I., Queen Mathilda, was granted the church as the place of remembrance. Queen Mathilda is buried here as well. Make sure you visit the treasure Domschatz. Now you know what we named our Hotel after. Most items of the treasure were donated by Ottonian rulers. Two of the most precious items are the Heinrichskamm and the Servatiusreliquiar. The Castle Museum is worth a visit as well.